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Wool and The Gang

Blanket Pattern by Wool and The Gang

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Power naps improve tenfold with the chunky blanket Koselig herringbone-stitch blanket thrown over you. It's an intermediate level blanket pattern, so you'll need your knitting needles at the ready and your game face on.

Once you've completed this kit you'll master:
Cable cast on, herringbone stitch, cast off and fringing.


  • Paper pattern booklet
  • Knit pattern
  • Difficulty level: Intermediate


    Small blanket: 120cm x 160cm (47" x 63")
    Large blanket: 150cm x 250cm (59" x 98.5")

    Yarn: Crazy Sexy Wool

    What you need: 

    1. This pattern booklet
    2. 10 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool - for small blanket (120cm/47 x 160cm/63)
    3. 20 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool - for large blanket (150cm/59 x 250cm/98.5)
    4. 1 pair of circular knitting needles in 25mm (50US)
    5. 1 sewing needle

    *This is NOT a kit, only a paper pattern.