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Lemonwood Mini-Minder

Lemonwood Mini-Minder

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Introducing the Mini-Minder (USPTO Patent Pending) the ultimate companion for every knitting and crochet enthusiast. Place your yarn ball on the Mini Minder and effortlessly hang it on your wrist, attach it to your project bag or honestly hang it just about anywhere. Stay organized and keep your yarn conveniently within reach wherever you go. Say goodbye to yarn mess and hello to portable convenience with the Mini Minder.

The Mini Minder is perfect for any 100 gram/ 4 oz skein of any weight yarn. It works best with yarn wound on a ball winder or a smaller cake. The yarn is pulled from the outside.

Every Mini Minder includes a beautiful genuine handmade leather strap. We make them ourselves to ensure the quality of the hardware. Quality hardware is what makes the Lemonwood Original Mini Minder spin so smooth! If you would like a vegan strap they are available upon request.

Beautifully handmade with a natural finish on high quality birch plywood.
4" diameter base, 6 " high with ring



Unfortunately there are no refunds on Lemonwood products.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I absolutely love the ability to stand a knit. It can handle all yarn weights. It’s my new favorite knitting tool!